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Foreign languages’ hour “Features of the Turkic languages”

26 January 2017

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On January 25 in the hall of world literature was held an hour of a foreign language, "Features of the Turkic languages". The event was attended by students 8 and 10 classes of the regional Kazakh gymnasium for gifted children named after I. Altynsarin.

The Turkic languages are a language family of at least thirty-five languages, spoken by Turkic peoples from Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean to Siberia and Western China. The Turkic languages originated in a region spanning Western China to Mongolia from where it expanded to Central Asia and farther west. Turkic languages are spoken as a native language by some 167.4 million people, and the total number of Turkic speakers, including second-language speakers, is over 200 million.There is also a high degree of mutual intelligibility among the various Oghuz languages, which include Turkish, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Qashqai, Gagauz, Balkan Gagauz Turkish, and Oghuz-influenced Crimean Tatar. The program includes information about Turkic languages, video about the ancient written, video about the peculiarities of the Turkic languages, an overview of the presentations, and bibliographic review on the book exhibition. During the event, students shared their views on the Turkic languages; actively respond to the questions asked.

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