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“Spelling Bee” contest

08 February 2017

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As part of the cultural project "Trinity of languages" February 7, 2017 at 3 pm in the regional library named after S. Toraigyrov was held «Spelling Bee» - a competition for the words’ pronunciation in English, "Trinity of languages." - cultural project, which goal is to provide organizational and technical conditions of fluency for the citizens in Kazakh, Russian and English languages as means of international communication, access to the world of general education’s area to improve competitiveness and the adaptation of Kazakh nation to globalization conditions.

The regional competition will be attended by the students of Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraigyrov, Innovative University of Eurasia, Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute and number of colleges of Pavlodar. The competition was held not only in Pavlodar, but in other big cities of our Republic. The main goal of «Spelling Bee» is to identify the best experts that have knowledge of correct pronunciation, spelling and definitions of words in the English language. «Spelling Bee» timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and the United States and is aimed at promoting the language and culture among young people. Students who participated in the competition not only test their language skills, but also become the owners of valuable prizes. The three winning contestants will take part in the final competition to be held in March in Astana this year.

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