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The Rules of MPI “Regional United Universal Scientific Library named after S. Toraigyrov” of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of Pavlodar Region


1.1 The Rules are made in accordance with the Regulations on librarianship in the Republic of Kazakhstan, authorized by the Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan on March 29, 1995 №29, the Rules of library institutions activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by the Order of the Minister of Information, Culture and Social Harmony of Kazakhstan dated May 8, 2002, the Charter of the MPI “Regional United Universal Scientific Library named after S. Toraigyrov” of the Department of Culture of Pavlodar Region and intended for library users.

1.2. MPI “Regional United Universal Scientific Library named after S. Toraigyrov” of the Department of Culture of Pavlodar Region (hereinafter – the Library) is a public library that provides the opportunity to use its collections and services to legal entities regardless of their organizational - legal forms and forms of ownership, regardless of gender, nationality, political opinion or religion.

1.3. The Library is an informational and cultural institution, methodical and coordinating center on problems of library and information service of the community.

1.4. The main tasks of the Library are determined by the Rules of the Library and are directed to forming, preservation and effective use of its book collection for satisfying spiritual and culture demands of every person.

1.5. The Library use is free. Some kinds of work and additional services can require payment.


2.1. The Library can be used by all categories of people. Young people of the age from 15 to 21 can use the Youth Sector at the Reading Halls of the Library. Children and teenagers can use the Department of Books for Children (9/2 Lunacharsky Street) based on the guarantee of parents or guardians.

2.2. Veterans, handicapped people have privileges in service. To become the library’s reader one have to show his/her ID or a document that substitutes it (a student card, a card of pensioner, etc.)

2.3. The people that live in Pavlodar city or Pavlodar Region get a regular electronic reader’s card. If the card is lost, a duplicate can be demanded. A control form, given on every visit of the Library, lets a reader use all its departments.

2.4. Re-registration of readers is made annually.

2.5. For getting literature from the Book-stock of the Library a reader has to fill an order slip where all book’s cataloging data should be given. The order form must be filled in accordance with a sample form. Incorrect order slips are not accepted. The orders are accepted at the Reading Halls and the Lending of the Library. The control slip is filled by a librarian according to the number of books charged out. On leaving a reader have to return the control slip to the Sector of Registration.

2.6. A reader can borrow books and other materials for a 15-day-long period. The period of use of new magazines and other materials of high interest is fixed by the administration. A single copy of reference materials, rare and valuable books cannot be borrowed. They can be used in the Reading Halls only.

2.7. The term can be prolonged not more than two times, if the book was not ordered by another reader. The readers that violated this rule can be imposed a fine or deprived of the right to use the Library.

2.8. Access to the basic and secondary Library stock quarters is forbidden for readers.

2.9. Photographing of materials, library quarters, film and picture making in the Library may be made only with permission of the Library’s administration.

2.10. The Library’s working hours are fixed by the Regional administration.
Monday-Thursday: from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday – day off
First day of a month – a cleaning day
The Department for Children:
Monday-Thursday: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday – day off
First day of a month – a cleaning day.


3.1. The Library has to inform the community about all services of the institution, to take measures for attracting people to the Library.

3.2. The Library has to provide the readers with complete and efficient information.

3.3. The Library has to develop library informational services using different forms and methods of mass, group and individual informing.

3.4. The Library has to direct children’s and youth’s reading, to inculcate in them love for reading, to raise their library and informational culture, to assist a person’s development and patriotism.

3.5. In case the Library’s Fund doesn’t have a needed material, the Library has to order it by electronic delivery of documents.

3.6. The Library has to provide a high quality of service and to create comfort conditions for work with sources of information widening the range of supplementary services.

3.7. The Library has to control timely returning of borrowed books. The Library has to provide preservation and efficient use of the Library’s collection.


4.1. Readers have a right to:
Use the Library despite of his/her place of living, studying, or working.
Take or borrow books for using them in the Reading Halls of the Library or at home
Use bibliographic-information service and other kinds of free and paid services of the Library.
Participate in all events provided by the Library for its readers.
Persons that temporarily live in Pavlodar Region can use the Library’s Reading Halls.

4.2. Readers must:
Use the Library’s materials carefully and return books in fixed time.
Take responsibility for all defects of a book. When receiving books or other materials from a librarian he or she has to look them through to make certain there are no defects. If there are any, he or she has to notify a library assistant about them.
Show his/her electronic reader’s card when entering the Library, ordering and receiving books.
Keep order in the Library.
Use the Library’s furniture and equipment carefully;

4.3. Readers are forbidden to:
Give his/her electronic reader’s card and control slip form to other people or use those of another person.
Bring razors, clue, bags, and purses of the size of more than 10x15 sm., opaque plastic packs, and food to the Reading Halls.
Making notes in documents, underline or mark, bend pages, cut, pull the sheets trace drawings, maps, drawings.
Take cards and guide cards out of catalogs and index card holders, mark the cards, break the order of the cards in catalogs.


5.1. A reader who has lost a book or one who has caused an irreplaceable damage to Library materials must replace it with the same document or the document that is recognized by the Library as equal. If the replacement is not possible he or she must pay its tenfold price in accordance with the par. 20 of the Rules of library institutions activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved on May 8, 2002.

5.2. The price of lost and damaged materials is determined according to the prices that a given in acquiring documents with due regard for revaluation system of the Library’s Fund.

5.3. For loss or irreplaceable damage of Library materials by under-age readers, the responsibility is borne by their parents, guardians or educational institution.

5.4. For violating the rules of the Library the administration can deprive a person of a right to use the Library. The information about violation of the rules is sent to the place of the person’s living, studying or working.