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Welcome to the Virtual Enquiry Service of our library!

The Virtual Enquiry Service of Regional Library named after S. Toraigyrov answers the questions connected with libraries, book (magazine, newspaper) collections, looks for factual information. Before using our service we kindly ask to read “Rules and Regulations on the Virtual Enquiry Service”. Using our service you will get an answer for any question you are interested in.
The Virtual Enquiry Service does not consider questions:
- related to the problem of searching for finished course papers, diploma works and essays;
- related to the commercial nature;
- sent by e-mail (without filling in forms);
- that violate applicable law;
- connected with scanning any materials. We do not scan the documents.
Mode of operation
The enquiries are taken from Monday to Thursday and are carried out in the order of their getting. Formulation of the enquiry has to be correct and exact. The more careful you fill your enquiry form the better result you will get. We receive questions from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., after that the service starts looking for the answers. If you sent your enquiry from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., we put it in the line and will let you know about it processing. We do not work on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
We have a right to delete incorrect questions and phrases.

Список вопросов:


The Regulation on the Virtual Enquiry Service

1. Basic regulations:
1.1. Free access for all users; obligation to answer the enquiries, efficient carrying out of enquiries; confidentiality of information about its users.

2. Users.
2.1. The service is free for all users.

3. The enquiries that can be accepted.
3.1. The enquiries about availability of certain publications from the fund of Pavlodar RUSL named after S. Toraigyrov;
3.2. Thematic enquiries, carrying out of which doesn’t require complicated bibliographic search and can be made with the help of traditional and electronic resources of the library.
3.3. Factual enquiries.

4. Themes of the enquiries.
4.1. The enquiries on social and humanitarian sciences are accepted.

5. Provided services.
5.1. Forming of a bibliographic list

6. Periods of carrying out the enquiries.
6.1. Enquiries about availability of a document in the library’s collection are fulfilled within one working day of the service;
6.2. Thematic enquiries that are not demand a complicated bibliographic search is carried out within 1-3 working days of the service;
6.3. Factual enquiries are processed within 1-2 working days of the service.

7. Resource base of the service.
7.1. For carrying-out of the enquiries the service uses a traditional reference-and-search system, the system of electronic catalogs and databases of RUSL named after S. Toraigyrov.

8. The order of work of the service.
8.1. The enquiries are accepted from Monday to Thursday and are processed in the order of acceptance.
8.2. Not more than one enquiry a day from a person is accepted.

9. Restrictions.
9.1. We do not answer the enquiries connected with: entertainment information (crosswords, participation in contests, competitions, etc.).
9.2. Scanning of documents.
9.3. Incorrect questions. Such enquiries are deleted by service assistants.
9.4. Solving of problem tasks on Math, Physics, Chemistry and others is not accepted.
9.5. Information of commercial and advertising content.
9.6. We do not accept more than one enquiry from a person per day.
9.7. We process enquiries in Kazakh and Russian.
For drawing up this “Regulation on the Virtual Enquiry Service” the norms of National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan were used.