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Information Hour «Bіzdіn Kazakhstan - bіzdіn EXPO - Our Kazakhstan - our EXPO»

25 January 2016

2016.01.25 01 2016.01.25 02

January 25 there was held information hour «Bіzdіn Kazakhstan - bіzdіn EXPO - Our Kazakhstan - our EXPO» in the international book sector. The topic of the exhibition was "EXPO - 2017" in Astana.

According to the world experts assessment, there are hydrocarbon fuels for 100 years old. The development of industry and other energy-intensive sectors of the economy, towns with a complex infrastructure and population wills for comfortable life demands of energy resources. During the presentation there were information about the history of the Expo, the construction of the Expo, a bibliographic review of the publications on the International Exhibition and the presentation of the thermostat. There were guests from the ecological school - Z.E. Sarbasova (methodologist), the library staff, from the regional newspaper "Saryarka samaly" - T. Sahaba(a journalist) and Nazarbayev Intellectual School students. The event was held in two languages: Russian and English.

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